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FDA-approved drug to combat alcoholism could kill cancer by 'freezing' tumor growth

FDA-approved drug to combat alcoholism could kill cancer by 'freezing' tumor growth

An old drug prescribed to help people stop drinking alcohol may be an effective cancer-killer, according to new study. 


'Taxi Therapy' in Italy for Young Cancer Patients

The black-and-white checkered floor of the taxi looks a bit like home flooring. The seats are yellow, purple and orange leather, while the pea-green interiors are plastered with daisy stickers. When riding in the cab, passengers can play with plastic swords and a megaphone, or make soap bubbles.

Birth control pills raise breast cancer risk, research shows

About 140 million women use some type of hormonal contraception, including about 16 million in the United States. But a large Danish study published Wednesday suggests that, like older pills, they still modestly raise the risk of breast cancer, especially with long-term use.


Targeted Treatment Could Prevent Spread of Pancreatic Cancer, Heart Damage

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medicine have shown that a new targeted treatment could benefit patients with certain pancreatic tumors by preventing spread of the cancer and protecting their heart from damage—a direct result of the tumor. Higher levels of serotonin among other tumor secretions can cause injury to the valves of the heart over time, leading to cardiac impairment—a condition referred to as cardiac carcinoid disease—in these patients. 


Changes to cervical cancer screening

The way women are screened for cervical cancer is undergoing a radical change.


Two scientists have developed a tool to make it easier to spot bad cancer research

Back in 1998, Australian oncologist Jennifer Byrne was among the first to clone a cancer gene that is associated with breast cancer and the type of leukemia most common in children. Two years ago, when Byrne came across mentions of the gene, called TPD52L2, in five papers from separate authors, something didn’t seem quite right.


Lung Cancer Drug Targets 'Hidden' HIV In Promising Case

In a case that investigators say is a first, a lung cancer drug unmasked and then attacked the kind of HIV-infected cells that standard antiretroviral therapy has been unable to touch.

Clinical trials to begin in human patients with brain cancer

A drug has been cleared for use in a clinical trial by University faculty that will help treat brain cancer.


Innovative Cancer Test Identifies Which of 15 Drugs Most Likely to Eliminate Tumors

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a "breakthrough device" that can match cancer patients with individualized treatment regiments with just one test. This device can detect 324 specific genetic mutations and two genomic signatures.


Global Biopharmaceutical Company's Cancer Drug Opdivo Shows Surprising HIV Impact

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.’s blockbuster drug Opdivo had a stunning effect on a lung-cancer patient treated at a Paris hospital: it drained hard-to-reach reservoirs of his HIV infection, too.


Company in Cambridge has expectations for the diagnostic test for cancer

It’s long been one of the most vexing questions for doctors who treat cancer.  Why does one patient with a malignant tumor respond well to chemotherapy or to another cancer treatment, and a second patient — with what appears to be the same kind of tumor — doesn’t?



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