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Panel of Doctors Answer Your Questions About Cancer

Caregivers, patients, and loved ones joined Dr. Belisario Arango and Dr. Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla on Monday, June 19, 12 pm EDT for this very informative and interactive question and answer panel format webinar. 

Our doctors answered participants questions submitted during the webinar and ones that have been sent to Massive Bio. 

Cancer Treatment Doctor
Bringing state-of-the-art precision cancer care Bringing state-of-the-art precision cancer care to rural communities

Bringing state-of-the-art precision cancer care was aired Tuesday, March 14 at 12:00 EDT. 

Dr. Belisario Arango covered the following topics:

Why there is a higher cancer prevalence in patients in rural areas?
What are the challenges delivering cancer care to patients? 
Where is the future of cancer care going?



Massive Bio in Latin America
Massive Bio expands its oncology advisory services to Latin America

For Latin America, headquartered in Colombia, home of regional nascent IT and startup boom, Massive Bio will now broadcast in Caracol International which reaches to 14+ million subscribers.

Hematology Oncology Associates of Palm Beach
Massive Bio Announces Collaboration with Hematology Oncology Associates of Palm Beach

Hematology Oncology Associates of Palm Beach and Massive Bio, Inc. announced today that they are beginning their collaboration to deliver expert medical second opinions and cutting-edge precision oncology advisory services to cancer patients in Southern Florida.

Hematology Oncology Associates of Palm Beaches and its 35 years of experience with Massive Bio’s team of Oncology experts will allow patients to remain in their local Oncologists care while utilizing Massive Bio’s healthcare informatics, oncology experts and molecular diagnostic scientists from top academic cancer centers to provide treatment.

Selin Kurnaz attending conferences in California and ASCO 2017 meeting
Conferences & Education Sessions

Updates from ASCO Annual Meeting: "Several drugs are scoring big wins against common cancers, setting new standards for how to treat many prostate, breast and lung tumors. There's even a "uni-drug" that may fight many forms of the disease. What's especially striking: The drugs are beneficial in some cases for more than a year, much longer than the few months many new drugs provide."


Bridging the gap between available clinical trials and cancer patients, Empowering Cancer Patients
Three Ways to Improve Cancer Care in the US

Massive Bio is driven by their unstoppable compassion for cancer patients and high appreciation for oncologists and pharmaceutical companies. Patients have the right to be in charge of their health and destiny, regardless of demographics, Oncologists throughout the US, increase their level of service and knowledge with the use of technology and collaboration. While Massive Bio works with pharmaceutical companies to bridge patients' needs to appropriate clinical trials sites.



Dr. Belisario and Kim Thiboldeaux
Massive Bio Team Meets with the Cancer Moonshot Project and the Biden Cancer Initiative in Washington, D.C.

On June 27, 2017,  a member of the Massive Bio Team, Belisario A. Arango, M.D., took part of the Cancer Moonshot Project and the Biden Cancer Initiative Meeting in Washington, D.C.  The meeting was hosted by Kim Thiboldeaux, CEO of Cancer Support Community and a member of the Board of Directors of the Biden Cancer  Initiative. The purpose of this meeting was to update the cancer community on the accomplishments over the past year, since the announcement of the Moonshot challenge, and to discuss the goals that are expected to be reached over the next 4 years.

Oncology Medication Booming | Pharmaceutical Industry Growth
The market for oncology medication is booming, aiding the overall pharmaceutical industry growth

The market for oncology medication is booming, aiding the overall pharmaceutical industry growth. The oncology drug market is estimated to be almost USD 94 billion. Most of the top pharmaceutical players are either currently manufacturing oncology drugs or have oncology medications in their R&D pipelines.

Uveal Melanoma, Skin Cancer, Cancer Research, Massive Bio
DNA-based analysis identifies risk factor for metastasis of uveal melanoma

DNA-based analysis of cytogenetic abnormalities identified correlations of clinical features in patients with uveal melanoma—namely, that larger ocular melanomas and older patient age are associated with increased risk for metastasis. Small-to-medium uveal melanomas are associated with lower metastatic risk.

A Cancer Conundrum | Personalized Medicine
A Cancer Conundrum: Too Many Drug Trials, Too Few Patients

With the arrival of two revolutionary treatment strategies, immunotherapy and personalized medicine, cancer researchers have found new hope — and a problem that is perhaps unprecedented in medical research.




Cancer Reasearch, Immunotherapy
The Cancer Genes Needed for Immunotherapy Response

Using a large CRISPR-based screen, researchers find possible genetic culprits for patients not having success with immune checkpoint inhibitors. 

Skin Cancer, Pigment Melanin, Massive Bio, Cancer Research, Amelanotic Melanoma, Melanoma
Researchers look to improve detection of skin cancer lacking pigment melanin

UNC Lineberger researchers led by Nancy Thomas, MD, PhD, have identified key features linked to amelanotic melanoma, a form of skin cancer that lacks the brown or black color that stems from the pigment melanin.

Dietary fat may play a role in lung carcinogenesis.
High-fat diet might raise lung cancer risk

Findings from this large, international cohort consortium suggest that modifying dietary fat intake (ie, replacing saturated fat with polyunsaturated fat) may reduce lung cancer risk, particularly among smokers and for squamous cell and small cell carcinoma.

New Cancer treatment opportunities
Genome-wide cancer 'dependency map' now revealed
Initial results reveal more than 760 genetic dependencies across multiple cancers, suggesting opportunities for developing new treatments

In one of the largest efforts to build a comprehensive catalog of genetic vulnerabilities in cancer, researchers have identified more than 760 genes upon which cancer cells from multiple types are strongly dependent for their growth and survival. While many of these dependencies are specific to certain cancer types, about 10 percent are common across multiple cancers, suggesting that a relatively small number of therapies may combat multiple cancer types. Mutations accounted for only a small percentage of dependencies.



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Cancer patients, caregivers and oncologists - we would like to introduce ourselves as your next step toward fighting cancer. Massive Bio, Inc., headquartered in New York, is an innovative digital health company that brings the latest and greatest in cancer care to the point of need.

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