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Patients who have received multiple treatments

80 Clinical trials options were found
88 Lowered cost to insurance

Patients who have recently diagnosed

20 Clinical trials options were found
65 Lowered cost to insurance
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“Massive Bio provided my mother and our family with a new lease on hope and time.
The standard options for her cancer were limited, and Massive Bio helped make the case for a new immunotherapy specifically tailored to my mother’s challenges. When traditional treatment failed us, Massive Bio took us further.”
Caregiver of an advanced stage ACC patient

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Massive Bio Advisory Services

Virtual Tumor Board
Virtual Tumor Board
  • Data collection and curation
  • Recommendations development
  • Expert panel review
  • Pdf report and user interface
Curated Knowledgebase
Curated Knowledge base
  • Case history, treatment plan
  • Patient reported outcomes
  • Cost considerations
  • Machine learning technology
How does Massive Bio’s Virtual Tumor Board (VTB) Work?
massive Bio cancer treatment demo

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Bringing state-of-the-art precision cancer care to rural communities.

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  • Massive Bio finds the best tumor profiling test, one that is both actionable and affordable, for determining the genetic makeup and precision treatment of your cancer.
  • We provide you and your treating oncologist with genetically personalized,
    world-class treatment plans, that are prioritized from FDA-approved therapies to the latest clinical trials.
  • We gather all pertinent clinical evidence
    to support insurance company approval for targeted therapies that would otherwise not be available (‘off-label’).
  • We optimize patient outcomes by reviewing the treatment benefits
    of cancer cases that have similar clinical and genetic profiles.
  • Most importantly, we place the focus on your specific needs
    to determine the best way to fight your cancer.
  • Massive Bio has a world-class, multidisciplinary team
    of experts from the most well known academic cancer centers, including: disease-specific specialty oncologists, molecular biologists, computer scientists and reimbursement experts — all focused on your specific case.
  • We provide you and your treating oncologist with the latest diagnostics and treatment options, including the best clinical trials.
  • We become an extended team of experts for your treating oncologist,
    integrating our recommendations into the cancer treatment plan at your care center. There is no need to travel or overspend valuable time and money to get better results.
  • We provide both clinical and financial data in our recommendations
    to empower you to make the best decisions for your cancer care.
  • We reduce the administrative burden of your treating oncologist
    so meaningful time is focused on your care — not red tape.
  • We can help RIGHT NOW,
    no matter where you live or how complex your cancer. Massive Bio will deliver the best cancer treatment plan for you.
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