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Massive Bio partners with you to help your patients find state-of-the-art, affordable, and personalized diagnostic treatments and clinical trial options- all without the need for additional time, travel, and cost.
Massive Bio provides a world-class Precision Oncology- Virtual Tumor Board (VTB) comprised of specialists from experienced academic centers to discuss every patient case followed by a one-on-one consultation with you, their treating physician. This consultation includes a comprehensive review of the patients’ clinical history and biomarker make-up of their cancer, with an aim to truly personalize treatment options. After the Tumor Board, we provide you and your patient operational support, including ‘cost-considering’ tumor profiling and biomarker vendor options, clinical trial matching and enrollment support, as well as drug reimbursement resources—all without the need for additional time, travel, and cost. Our mission is to support your patients and your practice when help is needed most, working collaboratively for the best outcome for the patient.
Large Cancer Centers and Hospitals
Massive Bio enables Large Cancer Centers and Community Hospitals to offer a precision oncology advisory platform for remote patients.
Our precision oncology advisory platform allows your cancer center or hospital to cover patients in remote locations needing timely, expert care. Massive Bio’s platform and world-class specialists become part of your extended team, providing precision oncology recommendations and integration support in-line with your clinical and cancer research programs.
Contract Research Organizations (CROs)
Massive Bio works closely with Contract Research Organizations (CROs)
Contract Research Organization (CROs) is a company that provides support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries in the form of research services outsourced on a contract basis.
Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies
Massive Bio partners with Pharmaceutical Companies to bring the right patients to clinical trials, reduce low accruing sites and accelerate drug discovery through better understanding of a patient’s response to certain drugs.
85% of cancer patients are treated at community practices where there is limited access to clinical trials. Massive Bio works as a team with the patients and their treating oncologist, at community practices, and sub-specialists at large cancer centers to identify the best clinical trials for patients when they run out of FDA approved treatment options. Massive Bio then facilitates the process for patients to move to a large cancer center to participate in the trial. Sub-specialist guidance and navigational support allows Pharmaceutical Companies to accrue patients to their clinical trials much faster. In addition, Pharmaceutical Companies do not have to open up low accruing sites with major set-up and operating costs, as Massive Bio finds patients across the globe and brings them to the most relevant site. Massive Bio collects each patient’s clinical data and outcome information during the recruitment process, which in turn helps the patient to communicate his/her disease effectively at the institution running the trial and for the Pharmaceutical Company to make informed decisions for future drug targets.
Insurers and Employers
Massive Bio enables self-insured employers to provide world-class cancer care benefits while saving money with our concierge precision oncology advisory platform.
Self-funded group health plans find great value in Massive Bio’s enterprise-based services. Massive Bio has the capabilities of a third party administrator (TPA) to provide high quality and affordable precision oncology advisory services, such as access to a world-class, multidisciplinary team of experts from the most prominent academic cancer centers. We provide similar benefits to a preferred provider network or utilization review program, without the burden of additional claims payments. Massive Bio delivers of all the tools necessary to control costs while delivering state-of-the-art, high quality care.
Tumor Profiling Companies
Massive Bio provides Tumor Profiling Companies virtual tumor board, precision oncology marketing, training and international outreach add-on services.
Massive Bio provides Tumor Profiling Companies with Virtual Tumor Board add-on services to optimize clinical interpretation, prioritize patient-specific recommendations, precision oncology staff training, and reporting enhancement for meaningful clinical outcomes and tracking analytics. We also leverage our extensive regional and international partnerships for patient marketing consulting, and to accelerate global brand awareness and market penetration through multiple channels, while emphasizing the advantages of the specific NGS panel, regardless of type of biopsy (solid vs. liquid). Massive Bio's comprehensive VTB services can be accessed in an on-demand basis or contractual fashion based on your specific precision oncology needs.
Second Opinion Companies
Massive Bio provides 2nd Opinion Companies automated testing and treatment recommendations in precision oncology for improved patient outcomes
Massive Bio’s proprietary knowledge base and Virtual Tumor Board can be utilized as key resources for your precision oncology needs. We offer a variety of white-label services, ranging from assistance in finding the best biomarker test for your patients to providing a state-of-the-art comprehensive diagnostic and treatment cancer care plan for each individual patient you manage.
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