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Cancer patients, caregivers, and oncologists – we would like to introduce ourselves as your next step toward fighting cancer. Massive Bio, Inc., headquartered in NYC, is an innovative digital health company that brings the latest and greatest in cancer care to the point of need. 
85% of US cancer patients receive treatments in community practices where treating oncologists are overwhelmed with the influx of new tests and treatments while trying to manage their busy practices. 

Massive Bio translates the world-class oncology knowledge of the large cancer centers' experts, facilitates a virtual tumor board collaboratively with the treating oncologist, and advises the patient and treating oncologist to operationalize these expert recommendations at the point of care thereby, eliminating additional time, travel, and cost. 

Instead of a patient traveling from one large cancer center to another for a second opinion or, a treating oncologist arranging a patient's clinical trial; let Massive Bio do the work for you.  
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How Massive Bio Works

Massive Bio’s VTB includes a team of experts from the world’s largest cancer centers. The team works together to personalize the testing and treatment options for the patient’s particular type of cancer. The team reviews cutting edge scientific information, clinical trials, drug outcomes, side effects, patient’s clinical history and personal preferences  
After analyzing all of the data, the VTB incorporates the treating oncologist's input and provides the treating oncologist with a personalized and comprehensive report. The report includes incremental testing and treatment options that offer best survival and quality of life. The patient then receives a copy of the report after the treating oncologist has reviewed it.  
After the recommended treatment begins, Massive Bio continues to provide the patient with support for reimbursement, clinical trial navigation, and testing vendor selections. Also, Massive Bio monitors the outcomes and supports the oncology research community with the learnings from the outcomes.  







There are choices available, view the results from a study comparing Massive Bio 's Precision Oncology Plan to other plans.

Patients and Caregivers

We understand that you deserve and want the best cancer care while in the convenience of your local community cancer care center, surrounded by loved ones.

Benefit from minimized time, travel, and lower cost while we help bring to you the latest and greatest in cancer care and work directly with your treating oncologist to meet your specific needs.


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physicians working together to give cancer patients the best possible personalized treatment plan


Whether you are a solo practitioner in the community or the head of a large cancer center you are welcome to join Massive Bio’s oncologist network.

Massive Bio bridges research and clinic and fosters collaboration among oncologists. Massive Bio evolves with the feedback of our oncologist network, and our network forms the DNA of Massive Bio. 


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Massive Bio Precision Oncology Advisory Service


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