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Meet Massive Bio at ASCO 2018

Massive Bio Asco Invitation

Join Massive Bio executives and get your live demo at the 2018 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting. Massive Bio will provide two types of demos: 
• Virtual tumor board powered by Massive Bio’s proprietary pathways and sub-specialists
• Clinical trial matching and eligibility screening platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and supervised by sub-specialists
"Over the past 12 months, we have massively automated and scaled our virtual tumor board to cancer patients and their treating oncologists and finalized our revolutionary clinical trial matching and eligibility screening platform to pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs) and providers. We are thrilled with the market response and client feedback and we would love to meet with oncologists and enterprises at ASCO to get their feedback and explore win-win collaboration options” said Selin Kurnaz, PhD, Co-founder and CEO of Massive Bio.
Massive Bio’s tumor board and clinical trial matching and eligibility screening set itself apart from the competitive set with the following:
• Evidence based recommendations with scientific curation, proprietary pathways and sub-specialists from 25 NCI cancer centers
• Detailed eligibility screening with more than 1,000 parameters to reduce research coordinator’s time
• Combined use of cutting edge technologies such as NLP, machine learning for scalability and repeatability
• 24/7 direct patient engagement with dedicated call center and clinical navigation staff 
• Consultation, education and reimbursement support to make actionable recommendations
• Tracking of clinical and genomic information and outcomes for improved clinical and financial decisions
• Patient, provider, payer, pharmaceutical company, and testing lab collaboration on a daily basis
To learn more, and reserve your limited spot to Massive Bio’s live demo, please send us an email at or contact us. Massive Bio is excited to meet and let’s democratize access to precision oncology together.

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