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Novel CTC Assay Detects Early-Stage Colorectal Cancer

January 29, 2018

A novel assay for detecting circulating tumor cells (CTCs) holds potential as a screening test for colorectal cancer, because it detects the disease at an early stage, and even detects precancerous lesions, findings from a new study indicate.

The new blood test showed a high degree of accuracy for detecting early-stage colorectal cancer — accuracy ranged from 84% to 89% — and it is the first assay to demonstrate high sensitivity in the detection of precancerous colorectal lesions.

The assay used in this study is the CellMax biomimetic platform (CMx), developed by CellMax Life. According to the company, the CMx uses a "proprietary platform-microfluidic chip, antibody, and imaging software," which has enabled Celllife to overcome the "intractable" challenge of detecting rare CTCs in precancerous cases and in cases of early-stage disease, when cancer can be successfully treated. 

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