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Patients First New Donations Platform and Holiday Savings

December 2017 Newsletter
December 2017 Newsletter
Monday 19 webinar caregivers and cancer patients Q&A

Patients First
New Donations Platform and Holiday Savings

Massive Bio Cares Donation Program

Massive Bio's Comprehensive Assistance & Reimbursement Evaluation Solutions (CARES)® Program is specially designed to ensure that patients have access to the most current cancer diagnostic tests and specific therapies that may not be reimbursed by the insurance company or may not be available. Our free CARES program provides optimal access to a variety of patient assistance programs and reimbursement resources mostly in the United States, whether or not you are insured or paying from your own pocket.

Our first module in the CARES program, which is called Massive Bio CARES Donation Program, provides patients anywhere in the world with an easy and free way to collect funds online by allowing their family and friends to contribute to the costs of Massive Bio services and other medical expenses. When cancer is diagnosed, the people around you naturally want to help.

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New Year's Holiday Savings

Holiday Savings

We are starting our new year holiday savings early and ending it late.
Give a gift to your loved one who is fighting cancer. Unlock meaningful time and help your loved one to apply the latest scientific knowledge to his/her case. Massive Bio collects and curates the latest scientific knowledge in genomics of cancer, connects with your loved one
's clinical information and supports your loved one and his/her treating oncologist to incorporate all new discoveries in to the treatment plan.


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Dr. Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla's Interview

How Virtual Medical Boards work for Cancer Treatment

As Massive Bio continues to expand its services to serve cancer patients around the world, news outlets in Latin America have caught attention of the benefit of our platform. Recently Dr. Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla, Massive Bio's Chief Medical Officer, was interviewed by Caracol Radio, which is a nationally syndicated radio station in Miami, broadcasting to the Spanish speaking audience in the US and Latin America.

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Massive Bio is driven to provide cancer patients, their families and trusted treating oncologists a service that will generate the most current precise oncology plan without disrupting their lives, relocating or financially hindering them. 
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