Roadmap to Personalized
Cancer Care

At-a-glance: How it works

Massive Bio provides an extended team of sub-specialists from large cancer centers to the treating oncologist and patients. Utilizing an algorithm that takes into account patient’s clinical history, preferences and genetic makeup along with scientific research and evidence, Massive Bio’s multidisciplinary experts apply their experiences to compile a report with incremental testing and treatment – prioritized based on patient’s unique case. The treatment options including FDA-approved and off-label therapies, and clinical trials. Our customer support team will assist you during and after treatments.

Your cancer treatment options will be ready within 5 to 7 days.

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1 Patient places an order from our company website, phone or email
2 Massive Bio reviews patient’s diagnosis and clinical history.
3 Massive Bio recommends the most appropriate tumor profiling vendor options and biomarker tests to the patient and their treating oncologist.
4 Patient and treating oncologist finalize tumor profiling test selection, and the order is submitted by the treating oncologist. These tests are typically paid for by the patient or their insurance company.
5 The test results, clinical history, and patient references are then analyzed using a proprietary optimization and matching algorithm to identify FDA approved drugs and clinical trials
6 These optimized results are prioritized by Massive Bio’s Virtual Tumor Board of experts to provide a final consensus-based recommendation report. Massive Bio sends this final report to the patient’s treating oncologist through a secure web-based interface.
7 A Massive Bio expert discusses recommendations with the treating oncologist who then finalizes and administers the treatment strategy.
8 With the treating oncologist’s support and agreement, Massive Bio provides the final recommendations report to the patient.
9 Massive Bio continues to provide support to the patient and treating oncologist including reimbursement support and clinical trial matching.
Massive Bio welcomes patients, oncologists and pharmaceutical companies for collaboration and fight against making latest and greatest in oncology care accessible, affordable and personalized – regardless of location, financial stability; we are all humans and we deserve the best.

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